Mayor of Huntington Avenue

In the fall of 2015, I served as the lead for Mayor of Huntington Avenue, a signature Northeastern Homecoming event. The event invites members of the student body to run for the coveted position of Mayor by participating in an official Debate and appearing at various on-campus events during Homecoming Week. The student body then votes on who they thought demonstrated the most spirit and would be best suited to carry out the Mayoral duties.

I also worked on running and marketing the event while working with all potential candidates. A teammate and myself also collaborated to create a Mayoral seal, a new slide deck, and simple branding guidelines to give the event a more distinct identity. The work culminated in an attendance of 800+ students and a 50% increase in student organization participation.

What I Did

  • - Rebranded and Marketed the Event
  • - Reached Out to Underrepresented Organizations
  • - Interviewed Potential Candidates
  • - Visual Design + Stage Layout
  • - Wrote Script
  • - Served as Main Point of Contact